Blueberry Lane Farms History

1940's-The farm was owned by the Reynolds family. This farm at that time was strictly run as a fox farm. The road at that time was called Reynolds Rd.

1949-The property was then purchased by Arthur and Yvonne Elliot and their family. Mr. Elliot was a well-known attorney in Flint at that time. He had the soil tested to see if it was acidic enough for Blueberry bushes to grow and he began the creation of this farm. He spent most of his time creating different experimental varieties which are all of the "E" and "F" varieties we have now. He created the "Elliot" berry, of course,named after him. Mr. Elliot also put in the underground irrigation system which we still use today. The water is drawn out of a 40 ft.deep pond by a Chrysler pump. Arthur and Yvonne also changed the name of the road from Reynolds Rd to Blueberry Lane. They retired in 1971 and sold the farm. They moved to Florida where Mr. Elliot still tried to grow blueberries in the Florida soil.

1971-The Mish family came along in 1971. Robert and Lee Mish, which many of you remember. This family really started making a business out of Blueberry Lane. They kept the farm immaculate and built a new picking shed and restrooms. The also started a mailing list that we still use today. The Mish's ran the farm until Mr. Mish passed away leaving Lee to run the farm. She ran it until 1998 and then sold the farm. She now resides in Arizona and still keeps close tabs in the farm.

1998-Mark and Rebecca Schmidt bought the farm from the Mish family. They started the pancake breakfast and the annual Blueberry festival. The Schmidt's sold the farm in 2005 to pursue other interests.

2005-present-Bob and Theresa Bowen and Craig and Alicia Cummings family now own the farm. We have been a part of the farm for 13 years. We have always lived in the Columbiaville area. We have a 5-10 year plan for the farm which includes a pavilion and a greenhouse; where we will be selling new blueberry bushes started from our varieties. We are also planning on building a new picking shed which include a air-conditioning, bakery, eating area/snack shack, gift shop, and check in/out. We are also placing a memorial headstone in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Mish this spring 2008 by request from their family.