Blueberry Honey


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You've never tasted any honey sweeter than this. Our honey is made directly from the bees that pollinate our bushes. Our beekeeper, Dave Kriesch out of Imlay City collects, pasteurizes, and bottles our honey for us. Blueberry honey hardens a lot faster than other honey varieties. The trick to heating it up is to heat the jar in small increments. For example, place the jar in the microwave for 15 seconds at a time, stirring each time until the honey is at the proper consistency you need. Enjoy!

Blueberry Honey 8 oz. Glass Jar

The classic Honey Jar in a convient 8 oz. size. $4.50

Blueberry Honey 8 oz. Teddy Bear Squeeze Bottle-OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SUMMER 2010

8 oz Cute Teddy Bear shaped bottle makes it easy to get your honey by just squeezing the honey out. $4.50

Blueberry Honey 16 oz (1 lb.) Glass Jar-OUT OF STOCK UNTIL SUMMER 2010

Twice the honey in a great looking glass jar. $7.00

Blueberry Honey 5 lb. Jug

If you love honey as much as we do, you will need a supply to refill your containers so you never run out. $25.00